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Which way to the beach???

In the early days people would cross oceans just using natural events, moon, stars, water colour and bird life. We use the same techniques when describing to someone how to get to our house. Travel along Shute Harbour Road towards Shute Harbour away from Airlie Beach, the Bowling club will be on your left, around the left sweeping corner and look to your right there will be the IGA, we are almost straight across the road from them in the two storey A frame building.

Underwater we are able to do the same thing, natural navigation except there are not many bowling clubs or IGA’s. We use other natural navigational aids, when we combine this with using a compass we are more accurate remembering that navigation is to minimise surface swimming, more effective dive planning (air left in your tank) and good buddy contact. Remember to also look around, sometimes people just look at their compass and miss the Manta rays swimming beside them.

PADI Underwater Navigator specialty course goals

To develop your practical knowledge of underwater navigation
To enable you to plan, organize and make dives using natural and compass navigation techniques
How to interact responsibly with the aquatic life we will see while navigating underwater

What’s included in the PADI Underwater Navigator specialty course?

PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Manual
PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Chevron (badge)
Gold PADI Underwater Navigator Certification Card
PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Certificate of Recognition

One day on a boat to complete the three (3) dives

Classroom time to review the knowledge review in your manual and watch the PADI Underwater Navigator DVD

A pool session to practice the techniques of Underwater Navigation and review your general diving skills

Who can become a PADI Underwater Navigator specialty diver?

Junior Open water Diver – 12-14 years old – Certified Adult maximum depth 18m
Open water Diver – 15 years up – Maximum depth 18m

What you need

Mask, Fins and Snorkel
Exposure Suit and Accessories (hood)
Weight System (weight belt/integrated weight with quick release)
Tanks (3 dives)
Regulator with SPG (submersible pressure gauge)
Alternate Air Source
BCD with low pressure inflator
Instrumentation with a means to monitor depth, time and direction
Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) or eRDPML
Diving Tool/Knife capable of cutting line
Slate and pencil
Whistle or surface signaling device
Dive Bag
Log Book

On a tight budget or schedule?

Complete your PADI Underwater Navigator Diver Specialty Course on a dive by dive schedule, you could complete one dive a week for three weeks, or one dive a month for three months depending on your budget/schedule.

For details on this option please speak to the Whitsunday Diving Academy team.

Questions and Schedule

For the classroom and pool you will need to bring your completed PADI Underwater Navigation Diver Specialty Manual and knowledge review, swimmers, towel and dive equipment.

For the boat trip you will need lunch, water bottle, swimmers, towel, hat, sun block and dive equipment.

Any questions about the PADI Underwater Navigation Diver Specialty Course or the schedule, please speak to the Whitsunday Diving Academy Team.

Whitsunday Diving Academy Is About Awesome Adventures!

Scuba diving is a truly awesome & very addictive sport, don’t let your day be ruined by shonky dive operations or un-trained guides. Learn with our professional PADI instructors & explore with our expert dive guides. Be treated to the most amazing under water adventure you will have on the Great Barrier Reef or Scuba Diving in the Whitsunday's. Let us ensure that you, your friends & family have something to talk about for the rest of your holiday!

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Whitsundays Diving Academy is the only choice for sailing & scuba diving day trips in the Jubilee Pocket & Airlie Beach area's. Let us show you the amazing hidden world that is, scuba diving in the Whitsundays & Australia's Great Barrier Reef !!

" Ian, Wayne and their team are the friendliest and most organised crew I've dived with in 25 years. They are very professional and safety is paramount to their operation. All of your needs will be met regardless of your diving experience ... "

- AlanVicci

" Had been a while since my last dive and I am a novice diver. Wayne, Ian and the team were great they made me feel totally safe so I could relax into the dive and really enjoy it. Thoroughly enjoyed my day with them and will return ... "

- V A

" This is an absolutely first rate team who provide PADI lessons and a wonderful experience. Waded through the reviews of Dive Academy in Airlie and Greg Nadine and Wayne provided the best responses and they lived up to expectations ... "

- jjukes4
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